Diventa provides end users an exciting, new furnishing experience. Highly original, appealing, easy-to-use and customizable. Additionally, all Diventa proposals can be marked with the distributor’s brand-name.
Diventa OEM, customizable and exclusive solutions.
The satisfaction of customers needs with OEM products and the capacity to develop its own furniture brand have come together allowing 3B to achieve remarkable know-how in the field of flat-pack furniture.

and exclusive

3B presents itself by offering design, development, and mock-up services in line with the expectations of customers who are looking for a reliable partner to develop their ideas in the field of flat-pack furniture.
The development of these furniture ranges goes from living room to bedroom, from bathrooms to walk-in closets.
Diventa combines all these experiences to design flat-pack furniture for the whole house, office, home office and commercial spaces.